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Are you searching for a professional, reliable, fully insured roof cleaning contractor?

Roof Moss Removal By HandHere at GW Roof Care we specialise in the removal of moss from pitched roofs, providing a complete and guaranteed roof cleaning service.

If you are fed up of moss falling from your roof, blocking your gutters and falling on your patio or driveway then we are here to help!

Your satisfaction is our goal – from the moment you enquire right through to when you are recommending us to your friends and family after we have removed the moss from your roof and tidied up perfectly after ourselves.

We clean your roof manually by scraping the moss and the applying a biocide roof wash leaving you roof moss free for years to come! Guaranteed!

After your initial enquiry is made you can expect to receive a fast, written quotation including proof or our insurance and training for working at height, IPAF and PASMA qualifications – so you can have complete peace of mind that we are safe to work on your roof and your property is covered by our insurance should anything misfortunate happen.

On the day that our roof cleaning team arrive to clean your roof they will:

moss on concrete roof tiles1. Clear and cover surrounding areas with tarpaulin to collect the moss from your roof and waste from your guttering
2. Disconnect your downpipes to stop moss and roof debris blocking your soakaways with moss below ground level
3. Setup our access equipment to safely start removing the moss from each side of your roof.
4. We manually remove the moss from each tile, ridge tile and hip tile on your roof – inspecting your roof throughout the process.
5. Your gutters are cleared once all of the moss has been removed from the roof of your home
6. Apply the market leading biocidal roof wash product to your roof, leaving your roof moss free for a minimum of 5 years… Guaranteed!

Call us on 01494 355231 to make your initial enquiry and get a quote from GW Roof Care! The Genuine Roof Cleaning Specialists!

Our domestic roof cleaning service is avaliable throughout:

Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey

Roof Moss Removal & Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to have moss on a roof, and will it damage my roof?

Moss left to grow on your roof can eventually cause serious damage to the roof tiles. Freezing moss expands, causing it to crack and break roof tiles.

How do you remove moss from my roof?

To remove the moss from your roof we manually scrape your roof using hoes on 4 meter extension poles.

What chemical is applied to stop moss growing back?

We apply the market leading biocidal roof wash to your roof – this gently clenses your roof over 6-9 months from application and repels future moss growth for 3 years..


Our Moss Free Guarantee!

In fact, if moss starts to regrow within 3 years simply let us know and we would return and reapply the chemical at no further cost to yourself! Thats how confident we are in the product that we apply to your roof after the moss has been removed.

How do you access my roof without causing damage?

manual moss removal from a cherry pickerThe roof cleaning industry is fraught with horror stories of thousands of pounds of damage being caused by untrained, unskilled roof cleaning contractors.

Damage can be caused to roofs during cleaning, particularly if a roof is pressure washed (jet washed), if the people cleaning the roof walk on the tiles or are heavy handed with roof ladders.

We access your roof using access towers and roof ladders, ladders and cherry pickers are also used where required.

How much does roof cleaning cost?

The cost of roof cleaning does vary immensely and generally we find our prices to be middle of the pricing spectrum, some roof cleaning services are offered at a lower price than we spend to clean your roof while others are nothing but an extortionate rip off!

Do you have a Roof Cleaning price list?

We don’t have a price list as each property is completely unique in comparison to anther, with many variables affecting the cost including but not limited to:

1. The size of your roof
2. The type of tile on your roof
3. The area surrounding your property and the access equipment we need to use to clean your roof

We are able to provide a fixed price quotation within 24 hours of your enquiry – so request a quote or call us directly on 01494 355231 to get the roof cleaning price for your property!